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A/C Maintenance

Professional Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

Cooling and heating equipment manufacturers design products that provide superior indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Air conditioners are subject to tremendous wear and stress over time, especially in places that experience extreme summer weather. Regardless of when your central air conditioner was placed into service, every system needs routine maintenance to continue operating at peak performance.

The best time to schedule AC maintenance is before the cooling season begins; however, it can be done anytime throughout the year to help prevent breakdowns and keep your unit running efficiently.

AC Maintenance Services

Air conditioning maintenance is a critical component in an optimized HVAC system. At Chestnut Mechanical, we understand that well-maintained equipment provides better humidity control and costs much less to operate.

Increasing home energy efficiency has also become a higher priority for many people. To do so, you need to keep tabs on your AC system. A well-maintained system is a healthy system with less wear and tear and lower utility costs.

On a periodic basis, we will come to your office or home to perform air conditioning maintenance services. While we are inspecting your air conditioner, we will:

  • Inspect air filters and clean if washable

  • Inspect blower motor and wheel

  • Oil the motors

  • Inspect the indoor coil if accessible

  • Clean the p-trap drain and test

  • Test safety controls

  • Check and test the main contactor, relays, and capacitors

  • Test the compressor and starting amps

  • Inspect and tighten loose wiring and connections

  • Test thermostat for accuracy

  • Check airflow

  • Inspect duct system for air leaks and mold

  • Test refrigerant levels

  • Inspect the condenser motor and blade

  • Clean the outdoor coil

  • Inspect and test the fuses and breakers at the units

  • Measure temperature drop

To keep the AC system in your home or business performing at its best, sign up for maintenance with Chestnut Mechanical! Call our air conditioning tune-up experts today or contact us online.

The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Services

Air conditioning maintenance agreements provide numerous benefits when performed by a professional HVAC contractor, including:

  • Improved comfort. Obstructions and restrictions negatively impact system comfort and performance. The indoor air can become stagnant, and rising humidity levels will make the environment feel muggy and uncomfortable.

  • Reduced repair costs. AC maintenance is designed to identify minor problems before they can disrupt the operation of the system. Worn parts can place additional stress on other components, which forces them to compensate for the deficit. Unexpected repairs are expensive and disruptive, especially when the outdoor temperature is severe.

  • Reduced energy costs. Our service techs will make sure your air conditioning equipment is calibrated to perform at optimal efficiency. We also examine your air distribution system for duct leaks, perimeter penetrations, and any additional structural problems that might affect total performance.

  • Enhanced equipment life. Air conditioning equipment that is regularly serviced will accumulate fewer run-time hours but still provide the same total capacity. Over time, internal parts that remain dirty and impaired are forced to work longer and harder to meet the indoor load. Seasonal tune-ups help to reduce wear on internal components, which will significantly extend the service life of your equipment.

Call on the professional team at Chestnut Mechanical for AC maintenance to experience these benefits in your home! Contact us online to schedule service today.

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