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A/C Installation

We Have the Air Conditioning Installation Services You Can Trust!

Is your air conditioner not working properly? Are you not getting the cold air you desire? If so, you could be due for a new AC unit. Every year, millions of people deal with air conditioning issues inside their homes. They might come home one day only to find a broken air conditioner. As some of us know, this is never a fun experience. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands on a new cooling system or spend hours upon hours dealing with an AC repair. Luckily, Chestnut Mechanical is here to help! Our air conditioning installation services are reliable, effective, and affordable. Not sure if you need a new one? Call us today. We can quickly inspect your system and give you the reliable solutions you deserve. See below for why a new AC unit might be the best option:

  • Your AC unit could be outdated.

  • You could be wasting thousands.

  • Reach max-efficiency.

  • Get the full potential out of your system.

  • New, reliable technology.

  • More capabilities.

  • Redesigned features.

  • Warranty options.

  • Fresher, cooler air.

  • Better air quality.

  • And more!

Our AC Installation Process

When the decision to replace or install a new air conditioning unit has been made, we will guide you through the many considerations for you to think about to determine the best solution for your home.

Some of the questions we might ask are: What size of unit do you need for your home? Do you want to cool just a section of the home or the entire house? Does someone in your family have an allergy problem or suffer from some type of respiratory problem? What are your current utility costs and can we make them lower with different units?

Once the answers have been reached for these questions and others, we will work with you to determine the best time and unit to install in your home. We are also able to install an air purification system or other additional system to help improve the air quality in your home if needed. The variety of top name brand manufacturers gives us many advantages. We are not limited by only one brand, which gives us more options to ensure you have the best unit for your needs and added benefit of ensuring that you have the air conditioning unit you need as quickly as possible.

Call us today at 720-453-0469 to schedule a repair visit! 

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